Warren FrissIt takes years to cultivate the kind of knowledge needed to succeed in the legal business world. One needs to understand first the business elements at play. Understanding the difference between private and public sectors can be invaluable to a company that is looking for legal council. The next element that a professional in the legal business world would need to understand is that of the legal side. One would need to practice law to gain the skills and knowledge needed to approach cases and legal issues in the right way for the benefit of their clients.

Warren Friss is just such a professional that meets these two criteria. He has experience not just in the business world but also in the legal world which makes him perfectly suited and trained to handle any of your legal needs. While he currently works at Ingram, he often looks back on the lessons and skills he gained during his time at The Topps Company. Warren Friss worked for many years at The Topps Company as their general counsel. Prior to this job he earned his chops at other firms. During his time as general counsel, he managed the company’s legal and compliance function and oversaw all contract negotiations, corporate and financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, intellectual property. He also oversaw all HR and employment law matters.